A Letter of Thanks From Brittany Nicole Hawks ’13

Nicole Hawks '13April 2013

Ms. Kim Blair
VP for Institutional Advancement
Ferrum College
Ferrum, VA 24088

Dear Ms. Blair,

I am a senior at Ferrum College and will be graduating in May 2013, having earned a Bachelor of Science double major in pre-professional science and biology. During my time at Ferrum, I developed an interest in medicine and health care and decided to pursue a career in pharmacy.

While researching the requirements for admission into pharmacy school, I recognized that attaining a particular percentile ranking on the pharmacy entrance exam was critical for entrance into the majority of pharmacy schools. I purchased the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) self-study materials, but after taking the test and receiving my score, I realized I was not prepared enough to gain admission. 

I knew I had to improve my score drastically if I wanted to be a good candidate for pharmacy school and contemplated enrolling in a PCAT prep course until I discovered that the fees exceeded my budget. I altered my review methods and took the test again, only to discover my score had only risen slightly—not nearly enough. I thought seriously about abandoning my goal to become a pharmacist.

It was then that my advisor, Dr. Aylesworth, informed me that I would qualify for a financial award from Ferrum College that would help cover the cost of a PCAT prep course. Thanks to that assistance, my next attempt was above the required level and nearly five times greater than my first percentile score. I soon received word of my acceptance into two of the three schools to which I applied.

I am very grateful to the donors, the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Ferrum College for implementing this program. It enhances the possibility of Ferrum College graduates being accepted into professional programs, allowing them to pursue the career they have chosen, while elevating the overall stature of the college. Because this award program was so successful for me, I would love to see it continue for future students, so they can achieve their dream of enrolling in a professional program.

Brittany Nicole Hawks

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