Digital Media Center Highlights Stanley Library Renovations

3D Printer

Thanks to an anonymous donor, the Makerbot Replicator 2x is the most recent addition to the Digital Media Center.

In support of Stanley Library’s ongoing effort to equip Ferrum College students with 21st-century literacies, the library’s first floor was extensively renovated in the last year to include a new Digital Media Center, Math and Writing Center, Mfilm Space, and Learning Engagement and Practice Studio (LEaP Studio.) In addition, enhanced study areas offer more flexible study spaces with a variety of new furniture to support various types of learning environments. Green practices were employed whenever possible during the renovation, in keeping with the College’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Stanley Library serves the campus as the central academic support building for students, but is no longer just a repository of information, explains Dr. Brandi Porter, the library’s director:  “At its best the library is a hub for teaching and learning support and for knowledge acquisition and transfer. Key to achieving these goals is the library’s commitment to providing students opportunities to develop 21st-century skills, such as information literacy, media literacy, and creativity literacy, critical to work and life in a global knowledge-based society.”

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