E-Term Adventures in Learning

Ferrum College E-term

“The value of the E-Term trips is giving students the chance to experience firsthand what many students will only see in textbooks or videos.” —Dr. Bob Pohlad

The May 2013 Experiential-Term (E-Term) offered students specialized learning opportunities and travel across the county, the country, and the world. 

The learning opportunities offered through the Ferrum College Experiential Term (E-Term) help students engage with their peers and professors and enable them to broaden their global perspectives.

During the 2013 E-Term, Ferrum students studied a wide variety of topics in many locations. As shown in the accompanying photographs, these include one group who worked on marine biology and ecology projects in the Virgin Islands with Dr. Bob Pohlad and Dr. Carolyn Thomas; another improved their Spanish skills while hiking the Incan trail to Machu Picchu, Peru, with Dr. Patricia Suppes; some visited the University of Tennessee’s Forensic Anthropology Center with Dr. Katie Goff; and students studying Nature Writing with Dr. Katherine Grimes and Dr. Tina Hanlon stayed closer to home, hiking the Peaks of Otter and canoeing on Philpott Lake for inspiration.

According to Dr. Bob Pohlad, “The value of the E-Term trips is giving students the chance to experience firsthand what many students will only see in textbooks or videos. Teaching classes in settings such as the Virgin Islands brings book learning to life. Spending weeks in the setting gives us a chance to explore in detail the aquatic and terrestrial marine environment of a tropical island. Each student also gets to do individual research on a topic of their interest dealing with marine biology and ecology. What a valuable experience for us and especially for our students. This is what experiential learning is all about and why Ferrum College E-Term is so significant.”

Experiential Term (E-Term) is a three-week term which offers a variety of two-, three-, and four-credit hour courses for all students enrolled at Ferrum College. Courses offered in E-Term are from across the curriculum, including courses from the liberal arts core of required courses, courses that meet speaking and writing intensive requirements, and courses that offer an experiential opportunity in one of our 31 majors and/or 40 minors. 

All classes are taught by Ferrum College faculty through the Ferrum College campus. A majority of the courses offered have no prerequisites and are appropriate for students entering their second or third semester of college. Ferrum College students are required to take, and pass, one E-Term course to graduate. For courses associated with E-Term that involve travel or fees exceeding $2,000, scholarships are available.


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