Phillips Believe Alumni Giving Critical to Continued Success

Baxter ’66 and Sharon Phillips ’66

Baxter ’66 and Sharon Phillips ’66

“We met at Ferrum College 50 years ago this year. Ferrum is a part of our lives and a place where we can make a difference,” says Baxter Phillips ’66, of the support he and his wife, Sharon ’66, give to Ferrum College. As a Trustee of the College, Phillips sees firsthand the necessity of maintaining the endowment and contributing to the annual Ferrum Fund. This year’s gift is a pledge to the Centennial Campaign to promote the growth and sustainability of the endowment, so that all areas of the College may prosper. The Phillipses believe in continual support of the endowment as a critical aspect of the College, in part because there is less funding and grant money available to colleges and universities in the current economic climate. A strong endowment will allow Ferrum to be self-sustaining and continue its tradition of success.

Ferrum has changed significantly in the years since the Phillipses were students, from a Junior College offering a two-year associates degree to the modern, successful institution it is today. Sharon notes, “The last time I visited campus, I was so impressed with the expansion of the facilities, improvements and increased housing, and classrooms with greater resources for students.” The Phillipses believe their life together began with their days at Ferrum College and wish to assist others in obtaining an education in a Christian environment; additionally, they hope their giving will encourage others to do the same. Says Baxter, “We have had a great life, which began at Ferrum. Our giving is not intended to be short-term, but will continue going forward.”


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