The Ferrum Branch Schools

Trinity School

Trinity School, a Ferrum branch school in Patrick County, circa 1918.

Though grades one through six were dropped from the main campus program in the first few years, Ferrum Training School did not forget the needs of younger mountain children. In 1918 Ferrum began building a system of rural elementary “branch schools.” Seven were built—one in Franklin County, one in Floyd County, four in Patrick County, and one over 100 miles up the Blue Ridge range in Madison County. 

The branch schools served first graders through sixth graders. After sixth grade, many of those students continued their education at the FTS campus. In 1926 approximately 400 students were attending the branch schools.

By 1940 Virginia had improved its rural school system to the degree that the FTS branch schools were no longer needed. Ferrum deeded the last three buildings over to the Patrick County public school system in 1943.

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