Walker Gift Supports Methodist Chaplaincy

Addie Haynes Walker

Addie Haynes Walker

Addie Haynes Walker had not always thought of including Ferrum College in her estate plans, but itis, nonetheless, something she strongly encourages others to consider. Following the death of her first husband, Walker received a card in the mail from the director of planned & principal gifts at Ferrum, George Seals. She notes that she put the card away for

some time, but later realized she wanted to leave something to Ferrum College in her own estate plans. The dilemma for Walker is something she believes faces many other widows in similar positions: the desire to leave a substantial gift to an organization versus the need for income in retirement years. Walker contacted Seals and the rest, as they say, is history. Walker has given Ferrum College a life income annuity, which provides a life income for her while the proceeds of the annuity are directed toward the priority that she believes is important. Her annuity is directed toward funding the endowed chaplaincy effort at Ferrum. “It is important to

me that the College remains connected with the Methodist Church and the chaplaincy remains a Methodist position,” says Walker.

Her involvement with the United Methodist Women runs deep and is part of her long history with the church. Walker was not originally a Methodist; her marriage necessitated that she and her husband find a church on which they could both agree. Walker has always been involved in church activities, and as a member of the United Methodist Women, she has held a variety of positions, including that of district and conference president. “On so many college campuses the religious connection has been lost, but at Ferrum, the benefit of the Methodist relationship can be seen in its service to the community and its respect for its roots,” she says

Walker and her second husband, James, owned several businesses together and retired to Rappahannock, Virginia. She fills her days now with a love of antiques and reading, as well as sewing and knitting. In her retirement, she is busier than ever, but her faith and her interest in seeing Ferrum College continue its Methodist tradition remain important to her. “Ferrum is a wonderful college, and my annuity is an example of a perfect way for someone to support the College and still receive income from that gift,” she says. “I feel very strongly that we must protect the chaplaincy program, giving current and future Ferrum students the best educational opportunities we can while still supporting the spiritual component of a good education.”

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